When we arrived in the village in 1996, village news came through the Church magazine which covered the whole Benefice.  We were keen to get involved in village life and suggested the idea of a magazine just for Thorpe Morieux.  The idea was generally well received but with perhaps a little scepticism about how it would work and whether it would survive! 

So Thorpe Times was born with its first edition coming out in April 1998. We decided early on that the best way to make it manageable for all involved – contributors, editors, deliverers – was to make it a bi-monthly newsletter. It started with 6 pages and then quickly grew to 10 pages and there was even one bumper edition of 12 pages.

We were keen to get as many people in the village involved so tried to include contributions on all aspects of village life – farming, local history, local groups, the church, parish council, village hall committee, events, recipes, etc.  Initially we were the sole editors but were soon joined by Barbara Paris, the late Liz Morley and Jasmin Gagen. Thorpe Times continued with this editorial team until May 2001 when we had to give up following Roland’s stroke. 

It continued with Liz, Jasmin and others forming a new editorial team. It is great that 20 years on there is still a Thorpe Times! 

Our thanks to everyone who supported us and Thorpe Times in those early pioneering days including the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee and especially our readers for their encouragement and lovely feedback.

Frances and Roland Bee

May 2018