Thorpe Morieux Village Archive

A collection of material of historical interest to the village has been assembled over time. This material is held in two different places; items that are considered to be of the greatest value or have a wider interest (for example the original tithe map) are held in the records office in Bury St Edmunds. Other material (including copies of what is with the record office) is in the keeping of John Squirrell at Rectory Cottage and can be viewed or borrowed by arrangement with John (01284 828794 or As well as being available as a source to those with an interest in local history, the archive has been extensively used over the years by students typically working on projects on how or why their village has changed. The archive can is divided into the following sections.

The Photographs

Principally spanning the black and white era from 1860 to 1970, about 500 photographs have been contributed mainly by village residents. A few are of professional quality but the majority are ordinary photos that have some element of village interest. They are mainly organised on a geographical basis and are secured in both hard copy and electronically. This section also includes the aerial photographic surveys of the village done in 1940 and 1996.

The Maps

The star item here is the Tithe map of 1843 as not only has the map survived (despite once getting wet in the vestry) but so has the apportionment that goes with it. So for each of the 486 named parcels of land marked on the map we know who was the owner and who was the tenant at that time. Other maps held include various ordnance survey maps from 1837 onwards as well local authority maps showing definitive rights of way in the village.

The Parish Council Archive 

This is a voluminous section of the archive mainly consisting of a large amount of historical Parish council paperwork stored in a big chest! However, it also includes a full set of the minutes of Parish Council meetings from the first meeting in 1894 to 1990 which give a fascinating insight into the workings of the village over time.

Press Clippings & Publications

Thorpe Morieux has not often featured in the press but when it has cuttings have been kept where appropriate to do so.

There is also a file on the listed buildings in the village.

Also there are a small number of text books with a local connection that were purchased when Thorpe Morieux had a local history group.