The Parish Council is required to adhere to The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 with regards to audit compliance.

As the Parish Council has an annual turnover that does not exceed £25,000, it is classified as a Smaller Authority. As such, in time, it will become exempt from routine external audits. Instead, the Parish Council will need to adhere to certain transparency requirements.

These requirements exist to ensure sufficient transparency exists and the public are in a position to see how the parish monies (Precept) is being spent. Under the transparency code for Smaller Authorities the Parish Council are required to provide details of End of Year Accounts and all items of individual expenditure which exceed £100.

If you have any queries regarding annual accounts and Parish Council expenditure, please direct these to the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

Annual Accounts & Expenditure 2017/2018

Accounting Statement 2017-18 [PDF]

Annual Governance Statement 2017-18 [PDF]

Annual Internal Audit Report 2017-18 [PDF]

Exercise of Public Rights dates 2017-18 [PDF]

Expenditure > £100 2017-2018 [PDF]

Historical Accounts & Expenditure

To review past accounts, please refer to the Finances Archive where annual accounts and expenditure from 2013 onward is available in ZIP format.