Thorpe Morieux Parish Council – General Notices

If you are looking for general information relating to the function of the Parish Council, wish to raise an issue for the council’s attention or simply wish to attend meetings, please refer to the Parish Council page which provides further information.

General notices relating to the functions of the council or general information that is useful to the village community will be hosted here.

Tree for Life

Are you a new parent? Babergh Mid Suffolk have established a tree for life scheme which offers new parents living in Mid Suffolk and Babergh a free tree to mark the arrival of a new born or newly adopted child. If you have a small garden or are renting, they offer a potted tree option too.

For more information, please apply at Babergh Mid Suffolk Tree for Life.

Waste & Recycling Collection Day Update

To see the most up to date information about bin collections please visit

Dog Fouling
To report any incidents of a dog fouling and the person not picking up after the dog has fouled please go to

Farm Security

Suffolk Constabulary have issued a helpful self assessment security checklist for farm and land owners to help optimise security and prevent theft. The self assessment guide can be downloaded as a PDF file: Suffolk Constabulary Security Self Assessment.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please notify the Parish Clerk who will consolidate comments and pass this to the constabulary liaison in the rural policing team.