A variety of footpaths and rights of way exist in the village.

We plan to add walks and embedded maps to this section which is currently under development.

Footpath Condition

At times of the year, the condition of some footpaths in particular can deteriorate to the point of making certain points impassable. If you encounter any issues relating to the condition of a footpath, please ensure that you report this so the issue can be addressed with those responsible for maintenance.

Examples of issues encountered include:

  • Overgrowth intruding or blocking paths.
  • Misuse by horse riders during wet weather causing rutting when the paths have dried out.
  • Agricultural vehicle damage – either ploughing footpaths or damaging a route through turning large scale machinery.
  • Damaged or obscured signage.

If you make a submission regarding the condition of a footpath, please provide as much information as possible. If you are able to include photographs as well, that helps considerably. If you have taken images on your phone and location services are enabled, we will be able to read the GPS coordinates embedded in the photograph to identify the position on a map.

Public Rights of Way

The definitive map of Public Rights of Way for Thorpe Morieux is dated as at 03 March 1987. The link provided is a scan of the Rights of Way map hosted by Suffolk County Council.